What is an artist residency?

Artists need time and space for experimentation and discovery. Artist residencies can play a critical role in the ongoing development of an artist’s career. Most offer room/board, access to studio facilities, and community engagement. They have the potential to boost an artist’s body of work, networking connections, and their career!

Funded Residencies - RISD Careers Partnerships

RISD Careers has developed partnerships with several leading residency programs to offer fully-funded experiences, including at Skowhegan, Anderson Ranch, and Ox-Bow.

Anderson ranch aerial view
Residency Partnerships

Explore the funded residency options for RISD affiliated artists and learn the details for applying.

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Find Residencies Around the World

There are many helpful resources for exploring the world of artist residency programs. The directories below provide detailed profiles for various artist residencies organized by location, medium, special facilities, and more.

Artist Communities Alliance logo
Artist Communities Alliance

A leading association and comprehensive directory for hundreds of residency programs - U.S. and worldwide. Search by discipline, location, studio needs, and more.

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res artis logo
Res Artis

An outstanding database to search for international residency programs. Over 400 residencies and organizations in over 70 countries.

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Rivet screenshot

A unified search platform designed to help you find and activate opportunities to advance your creative practice. The platform was built with support from the New Museum and other cultural organizations.

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dutch culture logo
Dutch Culture | TransArtists

An independent knowledge center on cultural mobility for artists seeking international residencies. Sends out monthly newsletters with stories, opinions, and reviews.

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artist painting on sand dunes
U.S. National Parks Residencies

An interactive map & database of residency programs in U.S National Parks.

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artist working on furniture piece
RISD Careers' Residency Directory

The RISD Careers’ constantly growing directory of art residencies, searchable by tags such as discipline and interest areas.

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Residency Application Advice

RISD Careers has curated a short list of advice articles to help you with the residency application process. For further assistance, consider making an appointment with an advisor.

artist sitting in emersive installation piece
Choosing the Right Residency

This list of tips from the Artist Communities Alliance helps you narrow the vast world of residency options.

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filmmaker setting up a shot
Budgets, Fees, and Funding

This breakdown describes how to understand costs for residencies and also suggestions for how to find funding if needed.

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sculptural pieces on display
Best Practices for Applying to Residencies

This article from Artsy provides nine quick takeaways for creating successful residency applications.

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