Learn about the key business skills and knowledge needed when starting a venture.

Building a business is exciting and one of the most creative endeavors one can embark on. However, it also requires careful research and planning. Understanding the fundamentals of business planning, funding, manufacturing, and selling are important aspects to developing any business. Explore this section for valuable advice and resources for learning about key business principles.

Key Business Topics

Check out these sections of our site for in depth advice and resources on these important topics.

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Business Planning

Every business should incorporate business planning into their process. Learn what goes into business plans and models, along with the importance of market and customer research.

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Finances and Legal

For some businesses, getting access to capital through investments, loans, grants, or even crowdfunding can be an important part of success. Having knowledge of basic legal issues for starting a business is also key. Learn some of the different ways you can access funding, effectively manage finances, and learn about key legal concerns.

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Making and Selling

Finding resources for manufacturing and selling your work or products can be an important factor for many businesses. You also might consider seeking legal assistance to help with issues like protecting intellectual property, contracts, and incorporation.

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RISD Alumni Entrepreneur Stories

Past speakers from RISD Mindshare talk about how they built their studios, practices, and businesses.

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Videos of Entrepreneur Lectures

Watch over 50 videos of RISD alumni sharing their thoughts on how they built their business or studio practice. Learn from other creative entrepreneurs describing how they made it happen!

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