Career Center Tutorials

The RISD Career Center provides learning resources gleaned from rigorous research and development in art and design career practice. The following tutorials feature Career Center advisors who will guide you through strategies on these key professional development topics. 

Once you've learned from these resources, we encourage you to take the next step and meet with us for your personalized career strategy. 



  • Learn the various considerations when creating your online or print portfolio. 
  • Consider how to present in an application versus an interview setting. 

Demo Reels


  • Learn the various considerations when creating your motion reel. 
  • Consider how to optimize your reel for commercial or fine art applications.

Resumes/Cover Letters


  • Take a deep dive into the content and format for resumes and cover letters.
  • Find ways to tailor your resume, cover letters and emails for specific opportunities.


Jobs and Internships


  • Develop strategies to search for jobs and internships. 
  • Target who you want to work for through networking and discovery.




  • Learn how to use LinkedIn, Instagram, Professional Associations and more.
  • Discover proven search strategies for networking with people and organizations. 




  • Prepare to pursue a freelance career.
  • Learn how to set up your practice, balance creativity, and manage projects and financials. 



  • Discover everything you need to know about the RISD Fulbright application process. 

Grants and Residencies


  • Find funding, time and space for your work. 
  • Learn how to research and apply for opportunities and evaluate experiences that are right for you. 



  • Learn how to prepare for your interviews and know what to expect.
  • Negotiate the terms of your job offer/s with proven strategies.

Mindshare Entrepreneur Videos

Mindshare Entrepreneur Videos

The fabulous alumni speakers from RISD Mindshare have incredible insights to share with you about their businesses, ventures, projects and freelancing! Check out these videos for firsthand advice that cover every aspect of business from getting your start to managing clients to dealing with pitfalls and sustaining your creative practice.

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