Now more than ever, fine artists have many exciting career options to explore.

A fine artist practice has evolved to include a wide array of promising career options. RISD students and graduates are well-equipped to apply their creative skills to exhibition opportunities, online marketplaces, art administration, non-profits, the commercial art world, or even science and healthcare. Explore this page to get a sampling of some of the career options fine artists might pursue, as well as key resources to connect with the art world.

Places to Find Jobs and Internships

Check out these premier resources for finding fine arts related career opportunities.

artworks logo
ArtWorks - Fine Art and Design Opportunities

ArtWorks is an exclusive internships and jobs board for RISD students and alumni. Users can discover and apply to companies and organizations actively seeking RISD talent.

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art frankly logo
Art Frankly

Connecting the professional art world, Art Frankly allows you to search for art jobs, find art spaces, opportunities and more.

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nyfa logo

New York Foundation for the Arts is a nonprofit service organization that provides the concrete resources that working artists need to thrive.

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wom logo
Words of Mouth

Words of Mouth is a weekly newsletter,sharing opportunities for professional and creative development across design, the arts, tech, nonprofits, architecture, and urbanism. 

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Supported by Mass Cultural Council, HireCulture is a stellar resource for finding creative employment opportunities in the Massachusetts area.

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Places to Find Alumni, Galleries, and Organizations

Use these resources to explore galleries, art organizations, and discover RISD alumni artists.

RISD Network
RISD Network

The RISD Network is a multifaceted platform that helps foster connections between RISD students and thousands of alumni around the world, facilitating career-related conversations between RISD students and alumni. It offers an opportunity to seek knowledge and advice, explore new career paths and build a professional network. 

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Wearable Art by Susan Freda

RISD's exclusive virtual marketplace showcasing the online stores of various alumni.

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art installation in a gallery
ArtForum Artguide

Artguide is an exclusive feature of ArtForum, allowing you to search current events and exhibitions across the world at galleries, art fairs, and more.

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New Art Dealers Alliance Promotional Installation
New Art Dealers Alliance

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) is the definitive non-profit arts organization dedicated to the cultivation, support, and advancement of new voices in the art world.

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U.S. art installation
Art Centers and Non-Profits

This searchable online guide provides links to art centers throughout the United States.

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Places to Find Artist Calls and Opportunities

Artists often seek out opportunities to show their work or receive funding by applying to structured artist calls from various art organizations.

artists at a show
Creative Capital

This resource provides up to date listings on diverse artist opportunities with upcoming deadlines.

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large photo print in gallery

This popular art blog and online magazine features a section with updates on artist opportunities of note.

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an exchange
Call for Entry

This platform allows artists to search and apply for multiple calls for entry from galleries, commissioning parties, and residencies.

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Places to Find Studio Spaces

Check out these resources for finding a range of artist studio spaces.

stephanie diamond
The Listings Project

Founded by RISD alum Stephanie Diamond, The Listings Project is a free weekly email of real estate and opportunities listings serving artists, creative communities, and beyond.

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artspace loft

Artspace is the leading non-profit developer of live/work artist housing, artist studios, arts centers, and more.

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artist studio view

STUSU is a platform for artists to share short and long term rental options across the world, helping people find the space they need.

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artist in studio
NYFA Spaces

Ths is a go-to site for artists, arts administrators, and museum professionals seeking studio spaces and rentals in New York and the surrounding area.

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risd artist in studio
Chicago Artist Coalition Spacefinder

Spacefinder lists available studio, performance, and exhibition space for Chicago-based artists. 

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photographer in studio
Assets for Artists Space Finder

Selected links for resources on artist space rentals or ownership opportunities, with a focus on Massachusetts.

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Common Paths for Fine Artists

The skills gained through a fine arts education can be applied across related disciplines and professions. Below is an abbreviated list of directly related career opportunities available to fine arts majors.

art administrator
Art Administration

Arts organizations,­ museums, galleries, and residencies regularly employ people with fine arts degrees in areas of administration, management, and programming. Knowledge of art history and contemporary art, as well as strong organizational management capabilities are helpful in these types of roles.

Commissioned art piece

Artists can make a living by creating work on commission, often being hired to create a specific piece for individuals, businesses, government or public entities. Knowledge of how to market and present your work to artists and non artists can be a key skill for this type of career path.

artist working on furniture piece
Commercial Art

Commercial art can be defined as art that is created for commercial or design-related purposes. Commercial art can take many forms and may include illustrations, fashion, set design, decorative objects, visual merchandising, and much more. Work or internship experiences related to the creative industry a student is interested in are recommened for exploring commercial markets.

ariel view of a gallery show

A curator oversees and manages a collection, conducts research, makes recommendations for acquisitions, selects artwork for exhibition, and often initiates publication of supportive materials. A master’s or PhD is preferred for these roles, but smaller institutions may only require a bachelor's degree.

gallery installer at work
Gallery Technician

The role involves preparing, installing, restoring, and/or maintaining art of various media. Other similar titles may be art handler, registrar, conservator, preparator, or archivist. These positions usually require a combination of experience handling artwork and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts or museum studies coursework.

teacher working with student

Art teachers work in public or private schools, higher-ed, or even service organizations. Teaching on the college level usually requires an MFA, but sometimes artist educators are hired based on their artistic merit. Experience working as a Teaching Assistant or Instructor during undergrad or graduate study is often helpful in seeking teaching positions.

artist working in clinical environment
Art Therapy

The American Art Therapy Association (AATA) defines art therapy as a mental health profession that uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well­ being of individuals of all ages. Often, practicing art therapy requires graduate level education and passing certification tests required by state or other local government entities.