Students and Alumni can access webinar recordings covering a wide array of career related topics and testimonials. 

Our annual events have been reimagined as remote experiences for safety and to enhance live audience interactions with realtime Q&A, interactive polling, closed captions and more. Students are encouraged to check their RISD email for weekly announcements in order to get the most out of these live webinars! The archive recordings are available below for a limited time.

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Prep for Fine Arts Portfolio Review Remote 2022
Recorded on 4/13/2022

Fine Arts Portfolio Review Remote will host 50+ fine arts professionals over two exciting evenings of one on one portfolio reviews. Prep for Fine Arts Portfolio Review will get you ready to make the most of your meetings and your networking opportunities. Learn what to include in your portfolio, what to say about your work, what questions to ask employers and more. Acquire essential skills to research organizations of interest, to conduct an effective portfolio review and to follow up for future opportunities.


Ready Set Freelance
Recorded on 4/14/2022

Get ready for this fast-paced workshop covering every aspect of the wide world of freelancing! Long-time freelancers Ed Shems (91 IL) and Justin Perricone will guide you through the rewards and potential pitfalls of a freelance creative career. They'll cover everything from finding clients, to creating contracts, to delivering concepts, to sending a final invoice and other steps that lead to a successful project and a happy (returning!) client. They'll talk about pivoting during tough times, and you'll also learn tips for how to sell your services to new clients, the basics of setting up your business, passive income opportunities, and how to have the money conversation without panicking - all so you can enjoy more freelance success!



Jobs & Internships / Find, Target, Apply
Recorded on 2/23/2022

Discover the steps you need to take to get the job or internship you want. Determine who you want to work for, where you want to be, and how to make this happen. Brush up on how to effectively use RISD’s job and internship database, Artworks, and have your questions answered about the internship process - paperwork, credits and what to expect from the experience. Go beyond internship and job listings to craft your own opportunity using directories, associations and social networking. Now is the best time to be active in this process!



Fulbright Info Session w/ Fulbrighter Presentations and Q&A
Recorded on 3/3/2022

Interested in a cross-cultural exchange experience in which you can promote mutual understanding between people of the U.S. and people of other countries? The program provides grants for individually designed Study/Research projects for 9-12 months in over 140 countries. This remarkable opportunity is open to all disciplines and all kinds of creative projects. This Information Session will provide you with an overview of the program and the application process, along with motivation to develop your ideas and jump in! RISD Fulbrighters Alex McCargar '11 BARC to Austria and Gayle Forman '14 GL to Brazil join us to contribute their insights and share their experiences.


Prep for Design Portfolio Review Remote 2022
Recorded on 3/2/22

Get ready for the Design Portfolio Review Remote event which will host an estimated 2,500 remote portfolio reviews taking place over two evenings - March 15th & 16th. Be prepared for the upcoming sign-up process, individual reviews, and future interviews. Learn what should be in your portfolio, how to introduce yourself, what to say about your work, how it should be shown and more. Acquire essential skills to research companies of interest, plan who you want to meet with, and how to follow up.


Tech Trek Info Session
Recorded on 3/3/22

Recording of the Tech Trek 2022 Info Session that took place on February 24, 2022 with Kevin Jankowski, Director of the RISD Career Center, Susan Andersen, Associate Director of the RISD Career Center; Kate Sawicki, Alumni + Family Relations Officer.


Career Resources for First Year Undergrad Students
Recorded on 1/31/22

Be ready for future internships, jobs, exhibitions, awards and more. At this talk, you will learn how to start exploring career paths, begin developing your professional materials, find internships and professional opportunities, and discover how to connect with alumni and creative professionals. Whether you know exactly what you want your career to look like or have no idea, this talk will help you get started on the right path. You'll be inspired to take the next steps in exploring the numerous professional paths available to artists and designers!


Networking & Building Professional Relationships
Recorded on 1/26/22

Networking is a vital part of a successful creative career, but often artists and designers are uncertain how to start building professional connections. The good news is that networking doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. In this session, we'll explore what networking truly is about. We'll answer questions like: Why is networking valuable? What are the best networking resources available to you? How can you maintain networking connections over time? We'll explore key tools like LinkedIn, Instagram, RISD alumni groups, professional associations, and more! We'll also discuss what to say when you reach out to professionals and how to engage in effective networking conversations.


Creating Portfolio & Demo Reel
Recorded on 1/19/22

Portfolios and demo reels are influential in gaining an internship, job, exhibition or freelance work. Learn the ideal methods to curate and present your work to make a bold first impression and to stand out against the competition. Have you ever wondered what employers, potential clients or fine art organizations want to see? We'll share insights from renowned creatives and recruiters who are seeking RISD talent. Whether you're just starting out or looking for fresh ideas to display your work online or in-person (when things are back to normal), you will come away from this program with a clear strategy and inspiration.


Grants and Residencies Info Session
Recorded on 1/25/22

Learn about all the steps you need to consider as you pursue grant and residency applications. We will explore opportunities, review search directories, and discuss the key components of applications. Resources and tips will be provided to help you begin your exploration, and you will gain valuable insights and confidence that will motivate you to apply to opportunities. You'll also understand the role of essays, budgets, timelines, references, and more in the process. Come for the information; stay to chat, ask questions, and learn from others’ questions.


Ox-Bow Residency Info Session
Recorded on 12/2/2021

A RISD student is guaranteed a spot in their Summer Fellowship and another RISD student has a spot in a two-week summer workshop! Ox-Bow's Interim Program Director, Maddie Reyna, leads this presentation on their Leroy Neiman Summer Fellowship which is a fully funded, 6-week, once in a lifetime opportunity to participate within an engaging artist-run community. Maddie will also provide details on Ox-Bow's Summer Core Classes with art topics that bridge craft and concept, merge play and focus, and allow students to explore new techniques in a natural setting.


Maharam Fellowship Info Session
Recorded on 11/11/2021

Receive $5,000 for your summer project and be part of RISD's prestigious Maharam Fellowship! Learn everything you need to know to make a strong and compelling application. The Fellowship will focus on two of the most urgent issues of our time - social justice and sustainability - and will support projects that aspire to advance social progress and safeguard the environment. In the info session, you'll also hear from past RISD Fellows about their successful experiences.


Prep to Connect
Recorded on 10/13/2021

Hear everything you need to know to meet with companies at Internship Connect Remote! Learn how to speak with professionals. Learn how to get the most out of this remote event. Find out how to successfully use LinkedIn to research companies and network before and after Internship Connect.



Summer Intern Stories
Recorded on 10/4/2021

Internships can launch careers in surprising and profound ways. In this panel discussion, you'll gain valuable insights from your fellow students on their exceptional summer experiences. Learn how they researched and secured their internships, what their daily routine was like, and how they applied their creativity and skill to the challenges of the professional world. 


Interviewing: In the Hotseat
Recorded on 4/8/2021

Watch RISD students in mock interviews with actual employers! Featuring Isa Larco 21 PT, Alana Cavalcanti 22 IA, Gaylin Bowie of RAMSA, and Alexandra Poterack of the RISD Museum.

Alumni Relations Webinars

Alumni Relations Webinars

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