RISD and Harvard Business School Online have partnered to offer RISD students an amazing online learning experience to gain core business skills and knowledge.

RISD Careers is pleased to announce our collaboration with Harvard Business School Online and their Credential of Readiness (CORe) program which will provide you with the fundamentals of business. All RISD students can now enroll in the program for either the May or June 2021 sessions for only $450. The CORe program has been deeply discounted for Summer 2021 from the cost of $2,250 since RISD is part of their Collaborating College network.


Overview of Program

CORe is an interactive online program, with no prior business experience or coursework required.

CORe utilizes Harvard Business School's proven case method and social learning experience to help you develop real world analytical and problem solving skills.

CORe teaches you the essentials of business - Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting - through immersive case studies and a fully interactive online platform.

Learn the language of business, gain knowledge that can help your career, and add the experience to your resume and LinkedIn profile. 

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Special Discount for Summer 2021

RISD students can now enroll in Harvard's Business School Online CORe program for either the May or June sessions for only $450. This program has been deeply discounted from the cost of $2,250 since RISD is part of their Collaborating College network. 

*   May 18 - July 29 Session: Deadline May 10
*   June 22 - September 2 Session: Deadline June 14

Eligibility & How To Apply

The discount for the May and June sessions of Harvard's Business School Online CORe program is available to all RISD students - undergraduate, graduate, international and includes students who will soon graduate.


*  You must use your RISD email address to sign up.
*  You must confirm in the application that you are a current student.
*  The discounted cost is only available for the non-credit version of CORe.  
*  You must pay the $450 cost of the program by credit card in order to enroll. 
*  Do not forward your payment to RISD.

VERY IMPORTANT: In order to apply for the discounted rate, you must follow the instructions carefully from Harvard Business School Online. Failure to do so will jeopardize your eligibility for the discount.   

Instructions to Apply


Additional Funding Support For Summer Sessions

The Career Center will provide $8,000 of support ($4,000 for the May cohort & $4,000 for the June cohort to cover the remaining costs of $450.) This will be distributed among students based on their completion of the program and their performance.

To be considered for funding, RISD students must complete the program, take the final exam, and then notify Kevin Jankowski, Director RISD Career Center, at kjankows@risd.edu when this has been accomplished. Once students attain their final grades, they must also submit them to Kevin Jankowski and a deadline will be established to do so. This additional funding is only available after these steps are taken.

For students who meet the above eligibility, funding support will start with the top performing students (based on their grades) to cover their remaining cost of $450 and will continue until the $4,000 has been depleted for each session. Since funding may be depleted, this support is not guaranteed for all that are eligible.