Why hire a RISD intern?

RISD interns bring creativity and productivity to their jobs while gaining hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of their intended career path. Hiring RISD students as interns allows employers to foster a stronger connection to RISD, while identifying potential candidates for future employment. Through Artworks, the Career Center job and internship board, employers gain access to a pool of talented and hard-working students and alumni from one of the most outstanding art and design schools in the world.

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What are the guidelines for remote internships?

Essential points to consider:

  • Establish hours the intern will work per week
  • Confirm the wage/salary for the internship: paid, unpaid, academic credit, stipend
  • Discuss expectations about how the intern will get the work done
  • Clarify outcomes and use of the intern's work by the organization
  • Confirm the supervision arrangements for the intern including: regularly scheduled check-in meetings to review work/projects, respond to questions, and monitor progress and outcomes
  • Confirm the approach to check-in meetings: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Chat, Phone, and/or other modalities
  • If possible and under strict guidelines for Covid-19 protocols issued by the CDC, arrange for in person and onsite meetings between the supervisor, intern and other staff to orient the intern to their job and work culture
  • Discuss access to any necessary technology and tools that are required to perform the job (ie. software, proprietary programs, shared files and/or other equipment)

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What are the building blocks of a successful internship experience?

All Internships should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Formal job description featuring title, responsibilities, qualifications and start / end dates.
  • Learning objectives relating to the professional goals of the student’s academic coursework or interests.
  • Give students real work with meaningful contributions to your operations. 
  • Orientation and training for the position, the department and your organization.
  • Supervision and frequent feedback by a professional in the student’s field of interest.
  • Resources, equipment, and facilities to sufficiently support the student’s work.
  • Personal safety and a positive, professional environment for the student.

Student / Employer Internship Agreement


What is the criteria used by RISD to approve a credit-bearing internship?

Credit-bearing internships provide career-related experience of sufficient challenge to college-level students. Internship credit requires approval of the student’s academic department, who will evaluate the experience for academic merit. This occurs through an internal registration process at RISD that a student initiates upon acceptance of an internship offer. Also, students and internship supervisors must complete evaluation forms for the experience before the completion of the internship.

Supervisor Evaluation Form


What are the considerations between paid vs. unpaid internships?

Taking an unpaid internship causes economic hardship for most students. RISD therefore encourages internship sponsors to pay their interns at minimum wage or above. Alternate forms of compensation include stipends to cover daily meals or travel costs, or credit tuition reimbursements for internship credits. 

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Where can I find student and alumni portfolios?

Find RISD portfolios on the Behance network, an extraordinary showcase of creative work across all disciplines. View portfolios by industry and reach out directly to RISD students.

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Does RISD host an internship and/or career fair?  

  • Internship Connect is an annual event taking place in the Fall at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI.
  • 80+ companies & organizations; 400+ students participate.
  • Learn about programs, make important contacts & introduce yourself for consideration of internship opportunities.
  • Employers/Organizations build their brand with students and share their upcoming internship opportunities.

Internship Connect


RISD 2023-24 Internship Deadlines and Timetable


Internship Deadlines and Timetable 

RISD 2024-25 Internship Deadlines and Timetable

Internship Deadlines and Timetable

What are the Career Center's Social Equity & Inclusion Principles and policies?

Learn more about hiring from RISD, Career Center Principles of Social Equity & Inclusion, and our Policy on Student Competitions.

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