Freelancers need to know the basics of contract writing and intellectual property law.

Resources for Writing Contracts

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Key Contract Provisions To Know

This brief outline from 99U offers 6 things that should be in every contract you write.

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Elements of an Illustration Contract

The online platform, The Business of Illustration, breaks down the key elements of a freelance illustration contract and what they mean.

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AIGA's Standard Design Contract

AIGA, a premier professional association for design, offers a template and guide for contracts used for design services.

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Resources for Learning Key Legal Issues

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Understanding Copyright

The U.S. Copyright office provides a comprehensive overview of copyright law and answers to common FAQ’s.

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Understanding Patents

The U.S. Patent and Trademark office offers comprehensive guidance on patents, what qualifies for patent protection, and how to apply.

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Resources for Finding Legal Help

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Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

The Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts provide a broad range of free and low-cost legal services addressing the needs of artists, small arts-related businesses and cultural organizations.

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The Legal Artist

New England-based attorney and RISD alum Greg Kanaan offers legal advice and services to creative professionals.

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